จุมพล อภิสุข

Chumpon Apisuk: Chumpon was born on 7 November 1948 in Nan, a northern province in Thailand. Studied Art At Changsilpa School, Silapakorn University / Bangkok and at the Museum School of Fine Arts / Boston, Massachusette, USA. He also studied with Tang Chang a famous Thai contemporary poet/painter during 1968-70.

วันพุธที่ 5 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2550


My life

Born: 7 November 1948, Nan, Thailand

1965 Changsilpa School of Art, Bangkok, Thailand
1967 Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Print Making, Silpakorn
University, Bangkok
1966-68 Studied with Tang Chang, Thonburi, Thailand

1973-76 School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusette, U.S.A

Live and Work:
1969-73 Live and work in Nan, Saraburi, Korat, and also sometimes in Bangkok, Thailand
1968-73 Travel around northeast and northern region and works
as free lance journalist, writer, as well as paintings.
1973-76 Live and work in Boston, Massachusette, U.S.A.
1976-82 Live and work in New York City, New York, U.S.A.
1982-85 Live and work in Hong Kong
1985-Present Live and work in Nonthaburi, Thailand,
1996-99 Core-member of Asia & Pacific Council of AIDS Services
2000-Present Secretariat of National Artists Network, Thailand

1986-87 Wethi-Samai (Contemp-tre) A monthly multi-disciplinary program, Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art, Bangkok. The program was to encourage exchange among artists of different disciplines as well as writer and critiques, provided space and time for an eventful evening, with poetry reading, sound and music experimentation, media works presentation, and performances.

1988-90 Tap Root Society, Chiangmai, Thailand
An art center where artists and community development workers can join together organized events, exhibitions and workshops, on various subjects and mediums.

1989-present Started and help found Honey Bee Special, a street performance group of EMPOWER Foundation, in which recruited members are bar workers in Patpong and has expanded to Chiangmai and Maesai.

1993-Present Concrete House, Nonthaburi, Thailand
An art center where artists and community development workers can join together organized events, exhibitions and workshops, on various subjects and mediums.

1998 – Present Asiatopia; Annually Performance Art Festival in Thailand. Focuses on performance art development in Asia and exchange with artists from other continents.

2003 - Nonart Project, Baan Nam Kok, Nan Province, Thailand; The project aims for artists to spend time research the normal lives of the people in villages around the area.

- Samai Dialogue, Arts in Social Discourse, Concrete House. An all year round discussion, and action art, poetry, music, etc. The program is to bring back the spirit of art community, and critical art practices.

- Labour Sans Frontieres, co-operate with EMPOWER Center Maesai, Chiangrai, an art workshop project with cross border migrants women in Maesai.

2004 - International AIDS Conference, Bangkok 2004 – Art &
Cultural Program Coordinator, Community Program

- Art Vote: a public Campaign to pressure elected Bangkok
Governor to continue the city’s project to bulid Bangkok
Contemporary Art Center

2005 - The Journey of Kumjing – Public intervention of Labour Sans
Frontires. 280 papier-machet dolls made by women migrants in Maesai’s Labour Sans Frontieres project (2003), take to display in public and travel to international art events as well as conferences.

1991 – “Rao Sabaidee Khob Khun (We Are Fine, Thank you)”, pocket book (in Thai), translation from “Life Before Death” by Herbert Daniel, Brazil. Published by Naam-Chewit Project,
EMPOWER Foundation.

1998 -Rujak Yhu Rujak Ya (Knowing Life, Knowing Medicine)”, and “Proh Ru Wa Rao Yu Duey Kun Dai (We can Live together)”. Two pocket books compiled of articles written and published in Naam-Chewit Newsletter (since 1992), about HIV/AIDS and Human Rights.

2001 - The Politic of Art in Thailand – 1970-1999, Article, Art Action 1958-1998, Inter /editeur, 2001, Quebec, Canada

2003 -Mystory” A solo exhibition of art projects and performances
during 2000-2003.

1987 - Chiangmai-Bangkok, a 3 times moving exhibition of the remaining objects, with performances of 8 people, challenge Chiangmai University to begin it’s program for the province’s environment study as well as preserve old buildings of this historical city.

- First Australian & Regional Artists Exchange (ARX), Perth, Western Australia, Australia

1988 - Homage to the Balinese People, performance and construct a splited tree trunk, at Nusadua Beach / Club Med, Bali

- Condolance reading cutting from newspaper, ARX, PICA, Pert, Western Australia.

1990-96 - Work in circle from Bangkok to Chiangmai, collected soil and dry leaves on the side of high way every 100 Km.

- Performances in group ‘Bangkok Art League’, with Kamol
Paosawasdi, Surapol Panyavacheera, Santi Issarowuthikul, in
Bangkok’s art exhibition opening.

1995-96 - ALIVE Project, a cassette tape recording converstion of artist
with a few friends who live with HIV/AIDS / Singapore,
Malaysia, Dresden and Chiangmai

1996 - NIPAF, Japan

1997 - NIPAF Summer Seminar, Japan;
- ROOT / HTBA, England,
- Live Art, Nonthaburi, Thailand
- Asia & Pacific Triannale, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

1998 - Le Lieu, Quebec City, Canada;
- Live Art, Nonthaburi, Thailand

1999 -ROOT / HTBA, England;
-Sydney Biennale, Sydney Australia.
-Bangkok Open Art Exhibition, Rachadumnern Avenue,
-Bangkok Art Project, exhibition around the city of Bangkok
-Berlin, Germany
- About Café Bangkok, Thailand
2000 -Le Lieu, Quebec city, Canada
-Bangkok’s Asiatopia
-Werklietz Biennale, Germany
-Dresden, Germany
-Yatoo-Nature Art, Korea
-Auzora Art, Koshuku, Nagano, Japan

2001 - Triangle Workshop; Wolepole, Western Australia
- Asian Performance Art Festival, Japan Society, New York, USA., and in Japan; Shiga Museum of Contemporary Art

2002 - Inter-Action Art Festival, Pioktrov- Trybunalski, Poland
- Daechoen City, Korea
- Incheon City, Korea
- Art_Plus, Shinonoi, Nagano, Japan
- Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
- Asiatopia, Chiangmai

2003 - Tadu Gallery, Exhibition and Performance ‘Mystory’,
Bangkok, Thailand
- Interact Art Festival, Pioktrow Trybunalski, Poland
- Lublin Cultural Center, Poland
- Machine House, Essen, Germany
- Glass House / People’s Garden, Koln, Germany
- International Performance Art Festival, Odense, Denmark
- Asia on the Road, Roskilde, Esbjerg; Denmark
- ASIATOPIA 5/2003, Chiangmai, Thailand

2004 - Currency 2004, New York, USA
- Ein Literarisches Stadteportrait, Ortszeit Bangkok; Berlin,
Munich, Bonn, Leipzig, Germany / Goethe Institute
- Busan Biennale / Sea Art Festival 2004
- “Fragrance” Digital prints project dedicated to people who
were killed in the violence in southern part of Thailand.
- Asiatopia 6/2004, Bangkok, Chiangmai

2005 - Singapore Fringe Festival, Singapore
- Periferius, Huesca, Spain
- SE Asia Performance Art Symposium & Asiatopia 7/2005

2006 - Satu Kali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
- Future of Imagination 3, Singapore
- The School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass., USA
- PSI #12, London, UK
- Asiatopia 8/2006

2007 - NRLA, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
- Bio 1st International Performance Art Festival, Athen, Greece
- Interakcje 2007, Piotrkow Trybunalski, Warsaw, Bielkos –
Biala, Poland
- Chulalongkorn University Art Gallery / Talk & Performance
- Goethe Institute, Bangkok, Thailand / Talk
- European Performance Art Festival 2007, Center for
Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
- Navinki 2007, Minsk, Belarus
- Asiatopia 9/2007, Chiangmai

About my work

He is known for his activism in AIDS, Human Rights, democracy. He also works with EMPOWER Foundation, which was founded by his partner Chantawipa Apisuk, an organization advocates for the rights of sex workers in Thailand. He has been continuously promotes performance art in Thailand since 80s and is one of a welknown performance artists in Asia. Since 1996, he has performed in Germany, England, Quebec, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia and USA.

He found Concrete House in 1993, an art and community interactive art venue in Thailand and “Asiatopia – an International Performance Art Festival in Thailand”, since 1998, which he is still a director.

His current project “Labour Sans Frontires – The Journey of Kumjing” collaborates with his wife Chantawipa Noi Apisuk. Taken from community engaged art project, with migrants communities in northern borders of Thailand and Myanmar. He teaches them to make papier-machet dolls to represent their dreams of places they wish to go. Since February 2006, more than 100 migrants dolls were transport by roads, air plane, train to different destinations and have been adopted by families in Singapore, Malaysia, England, Canada, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc., as well as in Thailand